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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Interview Feature: TinfenaStudio

Today's interview feature is with a lovely artist who runs TinfenaStudio on Etsy!

How did you come up with your shop's name?
Well, I am an artist, so it's a little bit different, sooner or later your name has to be out there, it's like branding and your name is your product.

Why did you start your etsy shop?
A friend told me I should be in cyberspace, so here I am.  It's one thing to draw and paint, but if nobody looks at your work, basically it doesn't exist, I'm learning and experimenting and etsy allows me to do that very freely. It's like an online artwork portfolio as well as a shop. It's a creative outlet.

How long have you been an artist?
I think it's always been there, it's just something you choose to assume or not, I don't think it's a choice.
Does your shop reflects your personal style?
Yes, I am obsessed with faces and that's always my main subject. I do them in different styles, but all of them are a reflection of my personal styles... the thumbnails next to each listing are very much my style (the way I display things, the colors, the groupings, the plain frames I use, all of it)

Where do you draw inspiration for your art?
I draw inspiration from my friends, people and models I photographed, fashion magazines, movies. It's all part of a lifestyle, an image...

Care to share idea or item you hope to have in your shop? 
Several pages full of different items but within one consistent and evolving style lots of originals as well, lots of sales would be nice too...

Have any advices for others?
I'm too new to give advices, but I've already learned so much and I think it's important to be part of a team ( I am a member of the VAST team on etsy) and also to put your work out there in as many different venues as possible. I am active on the forum, I do treasuries, I contact blogs like yours and if they like my work, it's an honor and it helps more than you realize, so I want to say thank you.

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