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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Feature Favorite: KimsSweetCreations!

Today’s feature favorite is KimsSweetCreations! Kim joined up around the same time that I did, but we met about 2 weeks later on the critique forum. I felt like everything in her shop was made specifically for me, and we instantly made a connection. Upon visiting my shop, she admitted she loved dream catchers and even became my very first buyer on Etsy!

Easily my favorite item is this I Love You Letter Necklace! Even though I’m more partial to silver than gold, this necklace is just too cute to resist. She also has similar earrings, I Love You Postcard Earrings in silver!

Kim also has a classic Alice in Wonderland gold bracelet, featuring several darling images from the enchanting tale and many cute charms related to Wonderland. This bracelet would make the perfect gift for any Alice fan!

What I love so much about Kim’s jewelry is the balance of complex charms with beautiful beads, and of course her excellent prices. As a jewelry crafter with access to a lovely bead shop, I often think about making an item for myself instead of buying, but Kim’s prices are hard to argue with when you see an item you like in her shop. She has a wide variety, so I encourage you to check out her shop!

Feature Shop: Kirameku

Today’s feature shop is Kirameku! She makes fantastic rings in a bubbly, flower style out of colorful pearls, glass beads and semi-precious stones. My hands are tiny and I don’t like large rings very much; I can barely even type with small rings! With that in mind, I’m actually really drawn to Kirameku’s rings, so she’s definitely doing something right!

Easily my favorite is this Pink Quartz Ring. I love the use of semi-precious stones because it looks natural. The mix of colors and choice of bead shapes really makes the flower stand out. I think this ring is simply gorgeous! And to top it off, the price is quite affordable.

Kirameku doesn’t just make rings though! She has a nice selection of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and even some art! Her prices vary and all are fair, so you’re sure to find something to fit your budget! She also takes requests if you don’t see your favorite color. I highly encourage you to check out Kirameku’s unique, beautiful jewelry!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Weekly Update

Mini journals are now 60% off until the end of the month! Click here for savings! I'll be removing them from my shop on July 1st.

I made some great new designs this week that I'm very happy about! The first is this floating dream catcher necklace, designed to be worn at an angle but, if it slips, the chains are long enough that the clasp is hidden behind your neck. I designed this necklace in black and white so it would go with any outfit.

The next is this little dreamer necklace, featuring a very small dream catcher, bound miniature journal, and silver-plated dream pendant. The neutral brown makes this the perfect addition to any outfit while still looking earthy and natural.

The third necklace is in a new, tear drop shape. Instead of using feathers because the tear drop was already fairly long, I decided to use blue beads to add to the watery theme of the pendant.

After many requests for feather earrings, I finally had the time to make some! I was playing around with wire and bending it into different shapes, and I fell in love with this spiral flower. I added the silver flowers and silver chains to these bright blue feathers for a bright, summer look!

As promised, two new hair sticks have been listed this week! Divine white and bright pink! I have one more pair of hair sticks to post next week. :)
I relisted my gothy purple dream catcher necklace after having to reverse the sale, so it's back up for grabs!

Several new journals listed this week, including this adorable purple journal feature three googly-eyed owls! Other new themes this week: wedding, country birds, orange splash, and an inverted flower.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Feature Shop: LuvCherie Jewelry

Today’s feature is a great shop, LuvCherie Jewelry! She has lovely items all on their own, but upon looking at each one I discovered they were all inspired by well known books, movies, and video games, maybe of which I’m a big fan of.

Easily my favorite item are these gorgeous Chakra Earrings. I’m a very spiritual person and really adore the natural style of these earrings. They are so well done that you could wear them without even knowing their importance. And to top it off, they were inspired by a character from the anime Avatar, which I’m very excited to see!!

My second favorite item are these adorable Fairy Bubble Earrings. Right away they reminded me of Zelda, so LuvCherie definitely made them well! Games aside, any fairy lover can recognize how adorable these two fairies are. I would love to carry these cuties around with me.

Overall, I love how much care LuvCherie Jewelry has put into every piece. It’s fantastic how each piece has been inspired, but not copied. Her earrings remind me of each character they’re fashioned after, but are still their own piece and you can easily wear them without actually knowing the story behind them. You get a heart from me, LuvCherie Jewelry!