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Monday, July 19, 2010

Ignored BNR Tuesday Treasury!

If you’re looking for fun, friends, and sales, you should definitely check out this BNR treasury! This BNR treasury features lovely items from the shops who frequent the “Ignored” thread on the promotional forums. Check out the treasury and be sure to read the rules to find out how you can be included!

So what is a BNR?

BNR stands for Buy ‘N Replace. It refers to a list or treasury that promotes shops.

How do you join a BNR?

To become featured, you just buy any item from one of those shops, and then you replace their spot! Some BNR lists and treasuries have opportunities to join for free, either when they’re starting a new list or some other offer.

Why join a BNR?

It’s a great way to find undiscovered treasures and get sales. It’s also fantastic for when you’re shopping for gifts, because you will often get a sale after you buy into a BNR, so you at least get some money back after you’ve spent. In some cases, you might get more money!

How do you find good BNRs?

You can often find them being promoted in the promotional boards on Etsy, follow this link to see treasuries tagged with “BNR”, or come visit our wonderful “Ignored” thread, since we have several people who host BNR treasuries weekly.

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