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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Feature Shop: BrixtonStudios

Today’s feature shop is BrixtonStudios! BrixtonStudios offers really cool, patterned clothespins, gorgeous NYC based photography, adorable cards, and for all you shops out there - professional grade banners and avatars!

These may be very simple, but these cute set of Mini Cream Thank You Cards stole my heart! The size is cute and the design is beautiful, making this card a sweet gesture. The colors, including brown ribbon, complement each other perfectly! And if you’re not happy with the colors, Brixton invites you to message her to see if she can accommodate your wishes.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t use clothespins for clothes! BrixtonStudios’ clothespins can be used for other purposes too. I actually really like this set of Print Inspired Decorative Clothespins because I am a major book geek and I think these would make a cool gift for my old colleagues at a book store. I’m sure any book lover would be pleased with this little gift!

For all you shop keepers out there, BrixtonStudios produces beautiful shop banners and avatars. What I like so much about Brixton’s banner/avatar set is that she offers you extra graphics! You’ll get a regular banner and avatar for your shop, but also a vacation banner and avatar, and a sale avatar to show off on the forums. This is a great deal, as most banner/avatar shops I’ve seen only offer you the standard banner/avatar package. Here is an example of her work, but she also takes requests so I encourage you to send her a conversation if you’re in the market for a beautiful banner and avatar package.


  1. Thank you so much for featuring me!!!

  2. what a great feature! You do beautiful work.