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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Feature Favorite: KimsSweetCreations!

Today’s feature favorite is KimsSweetCreations! Kim joined up around the same time that I did, but we met about 2 weeks later on the critique forum. I felt like everything in her shop was made specifically for me, and we instantly made a connection. Upon visiting my shop, she admitted she loved dream catchers and even became my very first buyer on Etsy!

Easily my favorite item is this I Love You Letter Necklace! Even though I’m more partial to silver than gold, this necklace is just too cute to resist. She also has similar earrings, I Love You Postcard Earrings in silver!

Kim also has a classic Alice in Wonderland gold bracelet, featuring several darling images from the enchanting tale and many cute charms related to Wonderland. This bracelet would make the perfect gift for any Alice fan!

What I love so much about Kim’s jewelry is the balance of complex charms with beautiful beads, and of course her excellent prices. As a jewelry crafter with access to a lovely bead shop, I often think about making an item for myself instead of buying, but Kim’s prices are hard to argue with when you see an item you like in her shop. She has a wide variety, so I encourage you to check out her shop!

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