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Friday, June 18, 2010

Weekly Update: New Items

In case you missed them, here’s all the new items that were added this week! Earthy dream catcher hair sticks this week. I now have a pair in brown and a pair in green available. Two more colors available next week!

Bright green dream catcher earrings have been added to match the hair sticks and necklace already in my shop.

Dark red, vampiric dream catcher necklace has been added to match the dark red earrings listed last week.

Three new journals are available, and more to come!! This week I added a journal for boys, featuring words and phrases praising your little superstar! Pet lovers will love the new red journal featuring paw prints traveling across the covers. And finally, just listed the perfect birthday gift: a birthday journal!

My computer is still busted so I have to jump through hoops to edit my photos for listings. No estimate on when it will be fixed, but at least I have my netbook! Next week, looking forward to posting more journals, two new hair sticks, and hopefully a unique, specialty piece!

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