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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Feature Shop: LuvCherie Jewelry

Today’s feature is a great shop, LuvCherie Jewelry! She has lovely items all on their own, but upon looking at each one I discovered they were all inspired by well known books, movies, and video games, maybe of which I’m a big fan of.

Easily my favorite item are these gorgeous Chakra Earrings. I’m a very spiritual person and really adore the natural style of these earrings. They are so well done that you could wear them without even knowing their importance. And to top it off, they were inspired by a character from the anime Avatar, which I’m very excited to see!!

My second favorite item are these adorable Fairy Bubble Earrings. Right away they reminded me of Zelda, so LuvCherie definitely made them well! Games aside, any fairy lover can recognize how adorable these two fairies are. I would love to carry these cuties around with me.

Overall, I love how much care LuvCherie Jewelry has put into every piece. It’s fantastic how each piece has been inspired, but not copied. Her earrings remind me of each character they’re fashioned after, but are still their own piece and you can easily wear them without actually knowing the story behind them. You get a heart from me, LuvCherie Jewelry!

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