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Monday, June 21, 2010

Miniature Monday!

Are you as mad for miniaturization as I am? I put together a treasury of my favorite miniature items and now I'm going to tell you why I chose each item of all those on Etsy. :)

First on the list is a Bread And Cheese Magnet by CuteButterfly. Perhaps I'm biased because this is my sister's creation, but it's my favorite and I got to watch her make it. It's really adorable and looks very professional on the fridge.

Dragon Pendant by rawrsammie. I adored all the gothy heart pendants she had in her shop, but then I came across this adorable little dragon! I would love to have a pet dragon that size.

I Love You Postcard Charm Silver Earrings by KimsSweetCreations. I loved Kim's items from the moment I saw her shop, and she fell in love with my shop in turn and even bought the first item! I hope to return the favor to her one day.

The Curious Cupboard Whimsical Locket by SixAstray. I couldn't get over the amount of detail in this locket, especially for such a low price too. It's such an interesting idea for a locket and I

hope to own it one day.

Pet Guinea Pig Miniature Plush by wishwithme. Sometimes the smallest, simplest things are the best. This little guy made me gush!

Hand Stamped Custom Story Book Pendant by charmingladies3. Not only is it a tiny book, but it's customizable and so lovely. I really love the idea behind this pendant.

Ode To the Tiny Frog Prince by COGnitivecreations. I've featured COGnitive in a treasury before and decided to have a look at her shop when I was making this treasury. This cute pendant caught my eye. The mix of metals really compliments each other and makes a fantastic little pendant.

Mini Owl Cards by snowy652. I found this shop on the critique forums quite a while back and immediately hearted these cards. I couldn't resist adding them to my treasury.

Miniature book necklace by veterok. I'm miniature obsessed and a major book geek. How could I resist?

Origami Paper Crane Earrings by SpotLightJewelry. Origami has always fascinated me, and tiny origami is even more incredible. I can only fathom how the crafter made these so small. I just had to add them!

Mixed Lot of Mini Hot Chocolate Mugs by yippiekawaiiyeah. They might be completely useless and inconvenient, but I want a cupboard full of tiny mugs and glasses so that when someone asks for a drink, I can just tell them to help themselves. Then giggle at the surprise on their face.

Tudor the Waldorf Forest Gnome by MamaWestWind. I absolutely love this shop! Her creations are simple, earthy, and adorable!

Three Wishes by SeaUnicorn. Who doesn't want three wishes? Robin Williams might even hop out of it.

Antidote Pendant by specialmeat. I am shamelessly obsessed with a certain Potions Master and have a large collection of glass jars, but none that tiny yet!

Teacup Necklace by LoveYourBling. As with the hot chocolate mugs, I love how hilariously pointless it is to own an item this small. Fortunately, this one is attached to a necklace and redeems itself!

Ahoy Mini Telescope Spyglass Necklace by TheMerchantMariner. What better way to figure out where you're going when you're lost than with this tiny spyglass? After all, who carried a full size one anyway.

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